Share a Glass of Wine

Red wine consumed in moderation could be healthy for your heart. It’s not the wine that is good for your heart, but the ingredient resveratrol found in wine for from the skin of the grapes. Now for the fun little fact. Weather wine is good for my heart or not I am going to drink my fair share of wine. I certainly did not start drinking wine because I heard it might be good for me heart. I do not need any other reason to drink a nice bold cab other then I enjoy the taste. Over the summer I did a little bit of wine tasting. Checking out several wineries in Dundee. I prefer a cab over a pinot, but Oregon is known for their pinot noir, so I had to make a sacrifice and drink the beloved Oregon wine. While making this huge sacrifice I found a few pinots that I really enjoyed. In the fall I shared the fruits of my labor with some of my friends. I share my love for the barbell with my friends why not share something else I love. Roughly forty of my friends stopped by to wet their palate with some of Oregon’s finest pinots. By the end of the night we had an opportunity to taste 6 pinots. Eminent Domaine hands down was winner for everyone. They all got a little restless when it was obvious there wasn’t a drop left of it. Below is the list of wines we tasted. I have attached my thoughts of the wines along with a description from the winery about their wine.

1.     Eminent Domaine Winery – We tasted the 2015 Dundee Hills Dijon 777 Pinot Noir. It was amazing. This wine hands down was the favorite. Their tasting room is closed until April, but you can order it from their website if you can’t to wait to give it a taste.

2.     Lenne Winery—I am a member here and love what Steve has done with his wines. Everyone got a chance to taste the 2013 Lenz Estate Pinot Noir. Recently I did a blind tasting with some friends at the tasting room. Steve had us taste Burgundies and I was not a fan of any of the wines. He put his 2015 in with the tasting and it was a little bitter. Steve believes it is a wine you can lay down for 10 years. Steve does a great job in hosting events for members and teaching them about wine.

3.     Colene Clemons Winery—I don’t know much about them, but I do plan on changing that very shortly. We tasted their 2014 Adriane Pinot Noir. This was a really nice wine. I would suggest this wine to anyone. I want to make it out to their tasting room again soon. The people pouring were very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all questions. I never felt rushed.

4.     Alloro Winery— We tasted a 2014 Pinot Noir it is a blend of the most important blocks from the Alloro Estate, this wine showcases our site’s distinctive personality—including its red and dark fruit, Italian spice, and rose petal aromas. Our 2014 is fruit-forward and full-bodied, with great concentration, but has also retained some of our site’s more subtle aromas. Alloro has an amazing tasting room with a great outside patio to sit and enjoy your wine. The great thing about this place is it is 10 minutes from the gym.

5.     Anne Amie Winery—We got to taste their 2014 two estate Pinot Noir. Their Two Estates Pinot Noir is a barrel selection chosen to produce the best reflection each vintage of our Twelve Oaks Estate and Anne Amie Estate vineyards. It is a graceful, elegant and restrained Pinot noir, with enough structure for long-term aging. This one was down on the list for me but still a very good wine.

6.     Domaine Divo Winery—I brought a few bottles of their 2014 Pinto Noir. It was the least liked of all the wines tasted. With that said it was still a great wine and one I would never turn down if offered to me.

We got to enjoy six different Oregon Pinots that night. I shared a few of my favorite more bolder wines later in the evening. There is a big difference in taste from a Pinot and a Cabernet. Some prefer the lighter taste. I would suggest get out there and try the different types of wines to figure out your palate. With spring and summer approaching fast I think I will have to invite everyone over for a tasting of whites and rose’. I’m not a huge fan of whites but on a hot summers night a chilled white could be a refreshing choice.