Body Shaming

Ever since I picked up a weight I wanted to get bigger. My goal was to put on as much muscle as I possibly could. With that goal in mind I would get some back lash from people. They would ask “why do I want to get bigger?”, “Your big enough!”, “no reason to be so big”, “your too big as it is”. At 5’10” my heaviest was roughly 235-240. I was a big and stronger than the average guy. My weight was not entirely healthy but I was happy and confident in my own skin but had to deal with those questions. I did not care about what others thought because I was not trying to get big for others approval I did because I loved lifting heavy. It was something that made me happy. I believe their comments and lack of understanding was a type of body shaming due to the fact they did not agree with what I wanted to accomplish and they did not like my body type. I know what I dealt with is miniscule compared to what woman with noticeable lean muscle deal with.

Ladies, ladies, ladies there is nothing wrong with having lean muscle mass. Nothing wrong at all with looking strong. I understand woman can be catty when they see you have strong legs and glutes that are tight and round from squatting and doing lunges. From you putting in the work that they are too afraid of to do. It is easier for them to try and put you down then put in the hard work. I know men can be intimidated by your strength when they make a comment about your shoulders and traps jumping out at them while you are wearing a tank top. It is their fear of knowing that someone would rather have you help them move then them. Their fear that your confidence overshadows theirs. They rather see a petite woman who is not capable of taking care of themselves.

Sad thing is that body shaming doesn’t just come from your peers but your family. People who love you. Who should help empower you and not tear you down with their snide marks about getting to big. What the fuck is to big anyways? Is to big when you help your dad lift something heavy because your fat brother has a hard time getting out off the couch or your skinny sister might break her back trying to help him out?

Ladies do not be afraid of a barbell. Do not be afraid of the strength a barbell is going to give you. That strength will be noticeable in many facets of your life. Embrace the lean muscle. Embrace the confidence that will grow parallel of your strength. Don’t listen to the snide comments. When someone does say something point blankly ask them why they said it, why they think it. Don’t let them off easy. Find out how confident and strong they are with their words as you are with your body.