Exercise, nutrition and depression part 3

Exercise, nutrition and depression Part 3

I submit part three to you on Oct 25, 2017 one year after someone I loved committed suicide. There are few people who I cared more for and loved more than him. Depression will lead people to take extreme actions. An extreme action I hope I never have to experience with a loved one again and I hope you never have to experience in your life time.

Life gets hard sometimes. We all deal with stress differently. Dealing with stress that came with separating from my wife I stopped eating healthy and working out was no longer a priority. Eventually I wasn’t sleeping enough and was eating out because of my living situation. Those two factors left my energy levels low and I stopped working out altogether. Cutting out the two things that had been helping me mitigate my depression made it difficult to get out of bed once again. My energy levels were low and my head was foggy. I was having a difficult time dealing with what typically was an easy task. An example would be writing a check and then mailing it off. Maybe I would write the check but it would take days for me to mail it. Something so simple was so difficult because I did not have the energy to walk 30 yards to the mail box. The fog in my head consumed so much. It made it extremely hard to work on my marriage and my faults in the marriage.  I was going to two counselors, one to help with my marriage and one to help me make sense of my actions. During these sessions is when both counselors stated I am battling depression. With my personal counselor I dived deeper into this issue. He wanted me to make my fitness more of a priority because of the effects it has but he also wanted me to go to the doctors to get a prescription for anti-depressants. My primary doctor had me take a test and she said I have depression. She prescribed anti-depressants. I did not want to take these pills at all. It is hard to see myself as a strong individual physically and mentally if I must rely on pills. The effects of the pills were noticeable and helped. The anti-depressants made me feel well rested and took some of the fog away.  Allowed me more focus on problems that I created, not problems depression created. With the help of anti-depressants, I must be mindful of what I am eating and that I am working out consistently, so I can better manage my depression. I know depression will always be there. I know I have some control over it. I know there will always be low days. I will have to navigate through those low days. Working out and making good decisions with what I put into my body will help me navigate those low days and minimize the duration of those low days.

Parts 1-3 I have discussed how my depression is better managed when I am eating right and consistently working out. If I am not doing both my depression can severely affect me. How simple tasks are difficult to complete. In part four I will talk about what research says regarding healthy eating, excercising and depression.