Nutrition, training and rest

A question was being asked, which of the three is most important training, rest or nutrition? Below is my answer in order and why I believe they are ranked in this order.

1.      Nutrition is the most important of the three. Nutrition is the foundation to everything in life. If you eat crap you’re going to feel like crap. Trust me I know this all too well. I know the better I eat the better I feel. It does not matter if you work out or you sit down on the couch every night and watch tv, what you put in your body will affect how you feel and how you operate. It does not matter if you are active or not. Nutrition is the foundation to everyone’s health. You don’t have to work out to care about what you put into your body. Your nutritional choices will affect your success in the gym. Eating whole natural foods is your best bet. There are so many different ideas on how to eat. There is Paleo, Mediterranean, Keto and The Zone to name a few and there are so many more ideas on how to eat. You need to find what will work best for you. Giving something a try to does not mean you give it a week or two and decide you are not getting the results you want. My thought is you give it a minimum of 3 months to see how your body will react to what you are putting into your body.

2.      Training is second. The effort you put into your workout is going to decide your results. You need to have a plan of attack when you go into the gym so you do not walk around aimlessly not sure what to do. You also need to have a plan so what you are doing coincides with your goals. It doesn’t make any sense to do an hour of cardio everyday if you are looking to gain weight. I plan my training 4 to 12 weeks out in advance. It all depends on what my goals are. I have learned from attending the Gym Jones advanced seminar how long I should stay in a specific training phase.  If you do not know what to do in the gym hire a coach to help devise a plan.

3.      Rest is third because you need workout before rest becomes a priority. You need to eat to match your goals in the gym. A rest day does not necessarily mean you should take the day off from working out. Your rest day can be active rest. A leisure 5k run, row, swim or 30 minutes on a bike at 60% of your maximum intensity.

When you look at these three topics you should look at the first two as a way of life. Don’t find a diet that works for you find a way to eat as a lifestyle. You are hopefully going to be walking on this earth for a long time and should make what you put into your body a priority. I believe you should be training a minimum of three times a week to stay fit and feeling young. Rest and recovery will directly affect your training. Nutrition should be looked as part of your recovery. Just because I believe rest is third on the list does not take away its importance.